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An inventory is an essential document that provides a written record that details the fixtures and fittings of a property and their conditions, as well as the condition of the property itself. This should be created at the beginning of each new tenancy and updated at the end of each tenancy.

Why do we need an inventory? No Inventory = No protection

Since the introduction of the statutory Tenancy Deposit Scheme in April 2007 where a dispute arises over the deposit in relation to condition / contents of the property, it is vital to have a professional inventory that can be referred to and the matter resolved.

One of the main features of the scheme is dispute resolution, whereupon the independent adjudicator will make his decision based on the documentation to examine – the inventory will play a major role in the decision.

Without an inventory the landlord effectively has no evidence to support his claim making it hard to justifiably and successfully withhold monies where required. The inventory also works for the tenants by protecting their deposit from unjustifiable claims. All professional bodies from NALS to ARLA to NAEA, to RICS and the Department for communities and local government strongly urge professional inventories.